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Undress your stress!

karin-promo-photo-300x225 Hi, I’m Karin Vagiste, an award-winning mediator, speaker and author. How would you like to see that old, nagging conflict, whether at work or at home, become a catalyst for positive change? SIMED, which stands for simplified mediation, will do just that!

 SIMED consists of mediation-based questions to guide your problem-solving conversation, thus you avoid talking in circles and getting stuck in the blame game. You don’t need to hire a mediator if you can put your ego into your back pocket and listen without judging. You own the conflict, so the best possible solution rests within you. SIMED could save your relationship, because I share some powerful questions that will undress your stress, by taking  you to a deeper level of reflection. These questions empower you to access the answers that lie on the very edge of your subconscious.

No matter what life throws at you, become mentally bullet-proof against stress.

The single biggest source of stress comes from the suffering caused by relationship problems. Conflicts, both personal and professional, top the list. We’re all social, emotional beings; there’s no pain quite as bad as that of a strained or broken relationship. Life is too short to be stuck in messy relationship issues. On-going conflicts release toxic stress hormones that will hurt your health in a multitude of ways; 90% of all illnesses are stress related. RESOLVE the conflict and RESTORE your health. Stress is also an obstacle in the effective treatment of an illness. Our emotional health is directly tied to our physical health. In other words, the quality of our relationships act as biochemical markers of our health.

I’ve mediated conflicts from the boardroom to the bedroom and everything in between. Most conflicts revolve around unmet needs. Is someone preventing you from getting or achieving something important? The bottom line here is this — if you don’t have what you need, most likely it’s time to ask for it in a different way. Simplified Mediation provides a new path to achieving your needs, goals,….your dreams!

I felt honoured to be a guest mediation expert on many TV and Radio stations all over North America. It was a real pleasure to connect with the listeners when I answered their phone-in questions live on-air. Here’s a listing of some of the stations:

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I designed six inspirational cartoons that provide a visual summary of Simplified Mediation.There’s no need to get caught up in the blame game, or waste time and energy by talking in circles. Simplified Mediation based questions are easy to follow and will keep you on the right track till your satisfying resolution is reached. These cartoons appear on the mugs below. Follow the numbers below the cartoons to see the sequence of Simplified Mediation.



Karin Vagiste was granted the International Award of Excellence for her Peace-Building Strategies as a Mediator during her time at the Attorney General’s ADR Office. Her mediation studies involved three countries: USA – Tucson, Arizona, Victim Offender Mediation Institute; SWEDEN – Stockholm’s International Peace Research Institute. CANADA – York University HONOURS BFA, The University of Toronto B.ED. and Windsor University, Faculty of Law, Advanced Mediation Specialization. Thus, Karin brings a well-rounded perspective to resolving a wide variety of disputes.

She was granted the National Award of Excellence from AMTEC, (Association of Media and Technology in Educational Communications), for her Educational Programs. She is the director of “Solid Solutions,” (founded in 1998), a company that is dedicated to empowering others to resolve conflicts. Her book, “SETTLE IT!” has been translated into a number of other languages. Jack Canfield of The Chicken Soup series of books endorsed her book with this inscription on the front cover, “Vagiste advances the cause of peace for the human soul; every home should have a copy of this book.” Conflicts create stress that compromises our ability to be successful and happy at home and work. Karin volunteers at the Distress Centre. She claims that her passion for peace is rooted in her Swedish genes.